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It is funny, really. I don't think I will ever look at a clock in exactly the same way ever again. Time flies by when your having fun they say. But what about when your counting down the hours till the next time the baby eats or when you can expect the next diaper change? How much did I spend before having a child wishing time would go by faster? Have you noticed a pattern. Often we forget how much time truly holds our attention. We measure everything in time: the length of TIME of your work day, the amount of TIME you have till you have to go back to work, what TIME is dinner, do you have TIME to run to the post office, am I going to have enough TIME to sleep. Even when you talk about age, isn't it really just the amount of TIME you have been alive. Well this recent epiphany of mine on the worlds infatuation with time led me to realize that most wish it would move more quickly. I stand on my soap box this evening praying that time move a lot slower. Why would I want time t

Nathaniel Scott

Nathaniel Scott 12.15.09 1704 7lbs 13oz 21.5 inches 12.16.09 1 day old

Our Newest Addition

Yesterday was a long day. I don't think I can put it any better than that. My wife and I arrived at the hospital at an early 0700 so that Dr. Alexander could break her water. After a few preparatory vitals and such, her water was broken around 0735. We spent the next hour or so walking around the hospital in hopes that the walking would allow labor to progress on its own. When we got back to the birthing center room, Diana was hooked back up to the monitors so that the baby's heartrate and the level of contraction intensity could be followed. Well during a particularly tough contraction Diana began to rock her body to help keep her mind off the pain. During this rocking period the baby's heartrate dropped to the low 80's (good is 140-150). The nurses came running in to fix the problem and put Diana back into the bed and had her stay there until the Dr. could get here. Once the doc arrived he reccomended that she stay in bed until the actual delivery was over. While thi


Dean and I went in for my 38 weeks OB appointment yesterday and at 38 weeks and 3 days, I am now three centimeters dialated and 50% effaced (thinning of the cervix)! Our OB says this is a huge jump from zero during my 36th week but we missed last week due to Thanksgiving so I don't really know how accurate when the zero to three jump happened. Either way, he says there's a possibility that we could be holding our little one in less than a week! I can tell the soon-to-be Daddy is getting very, very excited since he is constantly asking me how I'm feeling almost every three hours. When I asked our OB approximately how much our little baby weighs, he said he thinks he/she is about seven pounds, three quarters right now and should expect the baby to weigh about eight pounds when I deliver. 12.04.09 38 weeks, 4 days You can really tell I've dropped with this picture!

Blame it on the pregnancy hormones!

I had forgotten how I go through "withdrawal" every time I spend more than two days with hubby and then one of us has to go back to work. Saying goodbye to Dean early this morning was much harder than usual. Making his breakfast and helping him get ready for the day usually distracts me from realizing that I will not see him till 12+ hours later but it didn't help this morning. It was such a struggle to let him go and fight back the tears. I'd like to believe the pregnancy hormones are making me more emotional but I really doubt that is the case. I guess I wasn't ready to give him back to the Corps just yet. God bless, Diana

False labor?

I am 37 weeks and 6 days pregnant today so we are only a day away until Baby S is full term. Early this morning, I was awoken by a very painful backache and firm abdomen that just wouldn't go away no matter how much I changed positions or drank water. It happened four more times in regular intervals so Dean and I thought today was the day! Sadly, it stopped :( It looks like little S is just not ready to make his/her arrival. We, however, are very excited and ready to meet him/her! Our Thanksgiving dinner went well even though no one ended up showing up :( The weather wasn't at its best last Thursday and I guess none of his fellow Marines wanted to leave the barracks. It was unfortunate since the food, especially the turkey, really did turn out well. It has been great and truly a blessing having Dean home. He hasn't had a full day off since Veteran's Day and he really deserve this four-day weekend, even though he's already back at work on a Sunday night. And I wa

Thanksgiving Dinner

Tomorrow is our first Thanksgiving away from our family. It also happens to be the first Thanksgiving we are hosting. We were originally going to have just a couple Marines over but now Dean informed me over lunch that there will be most likely at least seven  hungry Marines coming over. He invited his fellow Marines in his squad who does not have a place to eat on Thanksgiving but at the chow hall. I completely agree with him and we have more than plenty of food to share (except maybe the pumpkin pie) but this has brought the pressure to another level. I'm sure they will be expecting really good, taste-just-like-Mom's Thanksgiving dinner and not having any experience in this department scares me. Last thing I want is to be known as the Marine wife that cooked inedible food and ruined everyone's Thanksgiving. I wonder if there's a pizza place open tomorrow...? I'm sure, however, that the pressure is much greater on Dean. He is in charge of cooking the turkey. I a


We met in high school and dated for five years before tying the knot on May 16, 2008 at a beautiful garden wedding. Now - a year and a half later - we are expecting our first bundle of joy, which hopefully will be arriving in a few short weeks. We recently moved to Coastal California where Dean is in training to be an Arabic Linguist for the United States Marine Corps. Diana used to work as a registered nurse at a trauma hospital in Indiana and is a stay at home wife/soon-to-be mommy for now. Aside from moving to a new place, it is even more of quite an adjustment being away from our family and friends for the first time. We are, however, very much looking forward to what this new adventure will bring. Here in our new home, we are accompanied by our three-year-old Miniature Pinscher: Riley Kayle. Our two-year old cat Jack went missing almost a month ago but we still haven't lost hope that one day he will find his way home. We hope to keep this blog updated for our friends and