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It is funny, really. I don't think I will ever look at a clock in exactly the same way ever again. Time flies by when your having fun they say. But what about when your counting down the hours till the next time the baby eats or when you can expect the next diaper change? How much did I spend before having a child wishing time would go by faster?

Have you noticed a pattern. Often we forget how much time truly holds our attention. We measure everything in time: the length of TIME of your work day, the amount of TIME you have till you have to go back to work, what TIME is dinner, do you have TIME to run to the post office, am I going to have enough TIME to sleep. Even when you talk about age, isn't it really just the amount of TIME you have been alive. Well this recent epiphany of mine on the worlds infatuation with time led me to realize that most wish it would move more quickly. I stand on my soap box this evening praying that time move a lot slower.

Why would I want time to move fast when I feel like I already don't have enough time. Time to hug and kiss him. Time watching him sleep. Time holding him and seeing him grow. I go back to work on the fourth and I already know once I start class I won't have time to notice each ounce or inch of growth. I will be lucky if I have time to hear him talk or take his first steps or read his first words. Will I be deployed when he goes to school for the first time. How about when he meets the first girl he plans on chasing around the playground, or even the first girl that really matters. Will I be with him when he sees his first movie or goes to his first baseball game. Will I watch him win his first wrestling match or see the pride on his face when he brings home his first A. Will I be able to tell him that church and God are the most important when I am not there when he goes to church or even when he goes to sleep at night. Will I have time to explain to him that daddy doesn't murder when that liberal kid at school tells Nathaniel that his daddy is a baby killer. (sounds stupid but you would be surprised at what liberal parents will say to their child when they don't want their kid playing with the son of a marine )

So now with all my heart, I pray to God for more time. Time at home and time with family. Time to explain some of these things and answer some of his questions. Time is a valuable asset and I think we should all hold onto it as best as we can, but if the Lord says time must move and it is time for me to go then may His will be done.


  1. Your son will know and understand why his father isn't always around. What you do is not only for the best interest of our little family but for the rest of the families in this great country. And that wherever you are and whatever you are doing whenever you are away from us, you would much rather be spending your time with us. Nathaniel will know all this. I will remind him everyday.


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