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Per Diem

I recently accepted a per diem RN position and will most likely start working in the next couple of weeks. Dean and I did not plan on me returning to work (if ever) this soon especially since Nathaniel just turned six weeks yesterday. To be honest, when I started applying for per diem positions earlier this month, I didn't think I would already be offered a position three weeks later. The job only requires me to work four days a month and be on standby every 7th weekend and one major holiday where I will get paid half of my hourly salary while being on standy. It truly is a great offer where it fits with our schedule (10-hr shift), earn extra $ while keeping up my nursing skills, and will only be away from my little boy once or twice a week and still able to spend time with Dean during the weekends. We're afraid that if we let this pass and wait until the regular 12-weeks maternity leave that I won't be able to find a job as flexible as this one. So after much discussion and praying, we have decided to take the position as a Diagnostic Imaging RN. It will difficult leaving my son especially for the first month or so with the hospital and departmental orientation where I am required to come in three to four days a week but it sure will be nice to have fun money and be able to go to Indiana more than once or twice a year.

It is so nice to see the Indianapolis Colts go the Super Bowl again. It really makes me wish I am in Indiana even with the snow forecast they are going to get tonight. I was reading the post I wrote when the Colts won the Super Bowl in 2007 where I said they better win another one so I could go the celebration rally. Looks like I won't be going this one again :(

Working as a nursing student at St. Francis Emergency Department

Dean and I celebrated seven years of being a couple last January 19th. And by "celebrated," I mean he went to work and I spent all day with Nathaniel :) It's funny to think that if you had told me a year ago that by next year: I'll be a military spouse, mommy, and living in California--I would have told you you are out of your mind. It's amazing how life can change so much in so little time. And although I'm still learning how to fill all these roles, I don't think I could think of a better partner than my other half to share all these with.

Just seven days as Mommy & Daddy