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It's a... baby!

18 weeks, 5 days pregnant
The well sealed sonogram picture for five months!

It seems as though as soon as people find out that you are pregnant, the appropriate response is to ask whether you are carrying a boy or a girl. When my husband and I were pregnant with our first born, we opted to wait to find out the gender of our little one. For us, we could not think of a "good enough" reason to find out ahead of time other than for buying gender appropriate clothes and decorating the nursery with either blue or pink color.

But mostly, our main reason we chose to wait is because I wanted my husband to tell me what we're having as soon as I deliver. Not from a sonogram, not from the radiology technician, not from our OB doctor--but from my husband. This is our final moment as just husband and wife and we want to really cherish the moment we became a family.

6 weeks, 3 days

Our little boy is now seven weeks old today and we still do not regret our decision to wait :)


  1. I like the idea of having your husband tell you wether it's a boy or a girl. I wanted to wait to find out with Henry but Josh just couldn't stand the suspense and eventually he convinced me to find out. Maybe he'll agree the next time around...


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