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"This is what you get for waking me up, Mama!"

Three nights ago, I laid Nathaniel down for what I thought would be his last evening nap. The little one usually sleeps for an hour and hubby and I use that precious hour wisely--we eat dinner, talk about his day at work over a bowl of ice cream, and spend some alone time before he starts studying. And when little one wakes up, we start the nighttime routine: bath, cuddle time with daddy, a bedtime story, and breastfed by mommy. All of these have become a routine in our little household that when an hour passed by, I started checking on Nathaniel every five minutes even though he was sleeping in his swing, which was in the living room with us.

I turned off the rocking-option in his swing knowing this change will soon wake him up. We kept watching the Winter Olympics while we wait then switched to the recorded shows in the DVR when it got annoying because of too much talking and commercials and not enough of the actual events. Another hour passed by and the little one was still asleep. Hubby wanted to play a game in his PS3 and I picked up Dear John and started rereading it.

Then yet another hour passed by. I only noticed this when I heard my husband asked: "Is he still alive?" After checking that our baby boy was indeed still alive, I jokingly said that I will be so angry if Nathaniel is finally going to "sleep through the night" but decided to do it very early in the evening. Needless to say, I started to become paranoid with my own comment. I told hubby that I will give our little boy another hour to wake up on his own, which will be four hours later since he fell asleep (so much for a nap!).

The fourth hour rolled around and I woke up Nathaniel despite my husband's recommendation not to. He opened his little eyes, gave a huge smile when he saw mommy, and I started feeding him without waiting for signs of hunger because we all know sleeping for four hours creates a huge appetite as a baby :)

When he was done nursing, I lifted him up to place him on my shoulder to burp him. He gave a huge belch, which I'm sure puts some grown men to shame. I was just getting ready to say 'good one' when Nathaniel thought it would be more appropriate to follow this with a loud fart. After laughing and wondering once again how a person so little can make such disgusting sounds, we went to his nursery to change his wet diaper.

I guess, Nathaniel decided it was time to make Mama pay for waking him up. As I lifted his bottom up to put a new diaper, baby boy decided to poop and just barely missing my hand. My husband must have heard me screamed because he came to the room, handed me a clean wipe while laughing at me, I must add. Right about this time, Nathaniel thought it would be fun to pee on his face. I cleaned the little Booger, put a fresh diaper, and figured we will start the nighttime routine in 30 minutes. Ha! But the fun just started!

As soon as I sat down to start playing with him, Nathaniel gave another loud fart. Well, this particular loud fart happened to be an explosive poop. But I didn't know that till hubby pointed it out. I quickly ran back to his nursery while carefully trying not to get any poo on me. Hubby followed us to say we should give Nathaniel a bath now but I reasoned he won't be tired yet when the nighttime routine is over. (But just between you and me, I swear he followed us just so he could keep laughing at me!). And as I'm cleaning Nathaniel again, he decided to pee all over the wall, all over me, and all over himself. How he managed to do all those is still a mystery to me. Hubby, who still found all of these amusing, finished cleaning Nathaniel while saying: "This is what you get! This is what you get for waking me up, Mama!" I left the room with my head down, cleaned up a bit, and started setting up the bath for the nighttime routine--all while listening to the boys laughing.