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Family Visit, Hubby's birthday

My sister and her family visited us last week. It was a rather short visit so Nathaniel and I are even more excited to go to Indy next month to see them again and the rest of the family! We only wish Dean could join us :(  3.23.10 My sister and I with Nathaniel I've really missed her very much :( Daniel (my nephew), Isis, & Nathaniel 3.24.10 My adorable 8-months old nephew taking a bath :)  Sister, Grandma, & Me  We live in such a beautiful place! Daniel just looooves to make this face :) I love him! and I wish we don't live so far away from them. This past Saturday was Dean's 24th birthday. Grandma cooked Pancit Palabok (Filipino noodles) and I baked the "South St. Louis Deep-Gooey Butter Cake" per the birthday boy's request. The cake is a family recipe and it was finally passed down to me this year since hubby's mom can't make it for him. Hubby enjoyed it so not bad for my first try! We had friends and "family" (

Slobbery Smile

As my husband would put it, I ninja-ed Nathaniel with my point&shoot camera to take pictures of him smiling. They're not the greatest but I hope you enjoy seeing his slobbery smile anyway :) 3.18.10 I love this one. Reminds me of Genie from Aladdin: "Phenomenal cosmic power!... itty bitty living space."

My little one has nipple confusion. HELP!

This past Monday and Tuesday, I left our three-month old baby with his great-grandmother (who is visiting us from the Philippines) because I had errands I really needed to do. I was gone all day, which means Nathaniel had to eat expressed breastmilk through a bottle. This is the first time I have been away from my son for this long amount of time and who knew that in only two days, he will develop nipple confusion. Breastfeeding has been a battle, he is not properly latching, and he exhaust himself from crying so much that he ends up just falling asleep after the letdown reflex has slow down. However, any feeding after bedtime is still the same and I think it's because he is too sleepy to notice the difference. I have tried feeding him in a dark room where stimulation is at minimum, feeding him when he's happy or as soon as he wakes up, and pumping to keep my supply up.  I'm not worried that he's not eating enough because he still has plenty of wet diaper

Three Months Old!

The last few days sure have been hectic so I am just now able to post these adorable pictures of our cute little three month old baby. But better late than never, right? These were taken close to bedtime so Nathaniel was not as cooperative :) I still have yet to capture a picture of the little one smiling to the camera :( He is just such a curious little boy that he gets so serious whenever a new item is brought up. Hopefully by next month we can share his smile with you! 3.15.10

Mommy + Daddy = (littlemommylittledaddy)

I am well aware that offsprings are made of (almost always) perfect equal amount of chromosomes from the mother and the father. If you're a dog, you get 39 chromosomes from the female dog and 39 chromosomes from the male dog. If you're a cat, you get 19 chromosomes from each parents. And as for us humans, we inherit 23 chromosomes from mom and dad for a total of 46. So, why the genetic lesson you ask? I guess I've never really thought about children being literally half of mommy and half of daddy. Yes, we all discuss who our little ones look most alike. Like our little boy has hubby's hair color and lower lip while he got his nose and upper lip from me. But I'm not just talking about the physical aspects. It was not until I started noticing my habits or my husband's through this little almost three months old baby. Baby N stretches like his daddy. Baby N cries if he wakes up and mommy or daddy's face was not the first thing he sees---just like me when

"Hand" sucker, bath time, and a promotion!

This past weekend, Nathaniel slept six hours straight! The longest he slept last night was only four hours, which Baby N has been doing for quite a while now, but we're hoping this is the beginning of sleeping through the night :) Nathaniel also found his hands and discovered that they taste yummy! I probably should break this habit now but the little one is finally self-soothing. I suppose we could always give him the same treatment Dean got---mittens! Try sucking that! :) 2.22.10 Busted! 3.01.10 Nathaniel was fussing the whole time I was fixing his bath but as soon as Daddy picked him up and undressed him--Nathaniel got quiet. Dean said he just wanted to get naked. Playing with his ear with his right hand while sucking his left hand   If our little one doesn't seem so "little" for a two and a half month old baby... well, it's because he weighs approximately 15lbs! He just loves bath! Do you like the leaf cover? ;) Cud