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"Hand" sucker, bath time, and a promotion!

This past weekend, Nathaniel slept six hours straight! The longest he slept last night was only four hours, which Baby N has been doing for quite a while now, but we're hoping this is the beginning of sleeping through the night :)

Nathaniel also found his hands and discovered that they taste yummy! I probably should break this habit now but the little one is finally self-soothing. I suppose we could always give him the same treatment Dean got---mittens! Try sucking that! :)




Nathaniel was fussing the whole time I was fixing his bath but as soon as Daddy picked him up and undressed him--Nathaniel got quiet. Dean said he just wanted to get naked.

Playing with his ear with his right hand while sucking his left hand


If our little one doesn't seem so "little" for a two and a half month old baby... well, it's because he weighs approximately 15lbs!

He just loves bath!

Do you like the leaf cover? ;)

Cuddle time with Dad

Watch me try to fit all my fingers in my mouth!


Our little angel

In other news, Dean was promoted to Lance Corporal yesterday. Yay!