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Mommy + Daddy = (littlemommylittledaddy)

I am well aware that offsprings are made of (almost always) perfect equal amount of chromosomes from the mother and the father. If you're a dog, you get 39 chromosomes from the female dog and 39 chromosomes from the male dog. If you're a cat, you get 19 chromosomes from each parents. And as for us humans, we inherit 23 chromosomes from mom and dad for a total of 46. So, why the genetic lesson you ask?

I guess I've never really thought about children being literally half of mommy and half of daddy. Yes, we all discuss who our little ones look most alike. Like our little boy has hubby's hair color and lower lip while he got his nose and upper lip from me. But I'm not just talking about the physical aspects. It was not until I started noticing my habits or my husband's through this little almost three months old baby.

Baby N stretches like his daddy. Baby N cries if he wakes up and mommy or daddy's face was not the first thing he sees---just like me when I was kid with my grandma. Baby N is flirtatious (yes, at 3 months old!) just like his daddy. Baby N sleeps better if hubby is around just like mommy.

But what really amazes me is that (and sorry for being cheesy) because of love, a new life was created. Yes, I've always known that I love my husband and vice versa but that love has never been so tangible. Until now. Everyday, I look at my son and I see me and my husband. Everyday, I look forward to what another silly thing Baby N will do that will remind me of me and my husband. And everyday, my heart grows just a little bit bigger and I grow more inlove with both my husband and son.

What traits or mannerisms do you see in your little one that reminds you of you or your partner?