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Family Visit, Hubby's birthday

My sister and her family visited us last week. It was a rather short visit so Nathaniel and I are even more excited to go to Indy next month to see them again and the rest of the family! We only wish Dean could join us :(
My sister and I with Nathaniel
I've really missed her very much :(

Daniel (my nephew), Isis, & Nathaniel

My adorable 8-months old nephew taking a bath :)
 Sister, Grandma, & Me
 We live in such a beautiful place!

Daniel just looooves to make this face :)
I love him! and I wish we don't live so far away from them.

This past Saturday was Dean's 24th birthday. Grandma cooked Pancit Palabok (Filipino noodles) and I baked the "South St. Louis Deep-Gooey Butter Cake" per the birthday boy's request. The cake is a family recipe and it was finally passed down to me this year since hubby's mom can't make it for him. Hubby enjoyed it so not bad for my first try! We had friends and "family" (my BIL's aunt) over and then later in the afternoon, Dean and I went for a walk, which is just our second time of being alone since Nathaniel was born!
Every dad has to have a picture with his son while playing video games :)
I still look at this innocent, beautiful child and everyday I'm amazed that he's MY son.

Riley---our almost four year old Miniature Pinscher who is not getting as much attention from Mama anymore :(