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Second Year Anniversary

Today is our second year wedding anniversary. This past year opened many new chapters for us: life as a military family, a new home 2000+ miles away from our family and friends, and new roles as parents. But one thing remained constant and made even stronger: our loyalty and love for each other. I could not think of a better partner to share this life with and I thank God every day for blessing me with his companionship. Happy anniversary to my beloved; my forever best friend, father of my child, and the reason for my happiness.

Five Months Old

Nathaniel is five months old today! The past month was full of first for our little one: first vacation, airplane ride, first time meeting families & friends in Indiana, first trip to the beach, first time trying solid foods, and "first" teeth! Nathaniel now has a total of two teeth spurting out :)

Big Weekend, Mother's Day

This weekend, Nathaniel had his first big boy food and he loved it! We were going to wait until he is closer to six months but he was definitely showing signs that he is ready for solid foods. I swear he salivates every time he sees food and if only his fine motor movements were in tuned, he'll steal your food too. Anyway, Nathaniel is so ready that he right away prefers his cereal thick and is already eating a tablespoon of cereal mixed with an ounce of breastmilk twice a day! And for the last two nights that we fed him cereal before bedtime, he even slept for eight hours straight (8p-4a). Yay! This weekend, we also noticed a little baby tooth starting to stick out! Nathaniel has been teething since middle of March and we suspected they will start showing but not this soon! It is definitely a big weekend for our little boy: (second) airplane ride, solid foods, and a baby tooth! 5.8.10 He's so proud! Check that out! First try and he finis

Home is where the heart is

Today was our last full day in Indianapolis. For the past nine days, lunches and dinners were shared with someone (and almost always with a different person), routines were ignored, and bedtime was when the last person leaves. For the past nine days, we have been surrounded by our dear families and friends. It's definitely an understatement to say I miss this place but I guess I didn't realize the  intensity of how much I really missed it here until I drove by our old house. The farthest window on the right was our bedroom. Of the almost two years we lived there, my clearest memory of that room is sleeping alone because my husband was in basic training and MCT. It could simply be because they were the latest memories. But it could also be because during those "alone" months, I learned how strong and brave I can really be. The two little windows was the bathroom. The farthest window on the left was the guest bedroom. Dean and I slept in t