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Big Weekend, Mother's Day

This weekend, Nathaniel had his first big boy food and he loved it! We were going to wait until he is closer to six months but he was definitely showing signs that he is ready for solid foods. I swear he salivates every time he sees food and if only his fine motor movements were in tuned, he'll steal your food too. Anyway, Nathaniel is so ready that he right away prefers his cereal thick and is already eating a tablespoon of cereal mixed with an ounce of breastmilk twice a day! And for the last two nights that we fed him cereal before bedtime, he even slept for eight hours straight (8p-4a). Yay!

This weekend, we also noticed a little baby tooth starting to stick out! Nathaniel has been teething since middle of March and we suspected they will start showing but not this soon! It is definitely a big weekend for our little boy: (second) airplane ride, solid foods, and a baby tooth!


He's so proud!

Check that out!

First try and he finished it all!


Oh my silly boy :)
Thanks for making me a mommy!


  1. I am so jealous. He is a good rice cereal eater!!! way to go, N!!!


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