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Stranger and Separation Anxiety

When Nathaniel turned exactly six months old, we noticed that he all of a sudden developed stranger and separation anxiety. At first, he would only cry when people we do not see often held him but recently, he also cries even when it is with Daddy :( Our little one does not want anybody else other than me and while my mama-heart gets a little boost with that thought, cooking, cleaning the house, and bedtime have become quite an adventure. I can't walk away more than two feet before he starts crying. And Nathaniel will be fast asleep in his crib but as soon as I walk out the door, I hear crying.

His pediatrician said this is expected around this age and should outgrow it in a few(!) months. We are flying to Indiana this weekend to visit family and friends for ten days and I want to make this easier for all of us, especially to his grandparents who rarely see him. Any suggestions to help baby cope with stranger and separation anxiety? And how long did it last?