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Flip Video

For my twenty-fifth birthday last month, my family gave me a Flip Video. I have just been capturing (crappy quality) videos using the video mode in my point-and-shoot. I didn't want a regular video camera because no matter how small they come nowadays, they are still rather bulky and cannot be carried with you everyday. So needless to say, I am a very proud new owner of the Flip Video UltraHD, which has 8GB of internal memory and can store up to 2 hours of videos. I originally wanted the latest model (SlideHD) but the only differences are it has twice the memory capacity, slides open, and has a touch-screen. In the end, those are not important enough for me to pay the price difference and the UltraHD model also has better reviews.

It is very easy to use in every single step: from capturing, uploading, to sharing the videos. And like I've already mentioned, it is so tiny (about the size of a Blackberry phone!) so I take it with me every time I go out (along with my point and shoot) so I'm ready to preserve any hilarious moments at a moment's notice--no pun intended!

Here's a "sample" video taken this past Labor Day during one of our adventures at the park: