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State Fair Food

We were so happy that my husband's leave was timed perfectly that we were able to go to the Indiana State Fair this year. As always, we had a great time with family and friends, feeding and petting the animals, and eating the I-don't-even-want-to-think-how-much-calories-is-in-this foods.

This year, one of the foods to try is the Glazed Doughnut Burger and my husband was spontaneous enough to try this weird concoction.

 I still have yet to master the multi-tasking like my husband! :)

 Two glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnuts acting as a bun. You can add whatever condiments
you like but Dean only chose to add bacon and cheese for his "burger."

According to my husband, it actually tasted pretty good. The saltiness of the bacon
balanced out the sweetness of the doughnuts. By the way, this doughnut burger cost $8.

I was going to try the other must-try food of the fair this year, which was deep-fried butter. The news article that I read compared it to the taste of cinnamon rolls (and who doesn't like cinnamon rolls!) since the butter is seasoned with cinnamon sugar before frozen and cubed then covered with funnel cake batter. However, my sister-in-law said she heard the butter looses its frozen state, melts and just overpowers the batter. Ick.

 And so I just stuck with my favorite fair food: Indiana-grown Sweet Corn ($3)
These sweet, sweet, sweet corns are old fashion-oven roasted, dipped in butter before served
and I like to sprinkle mine with garlic salt. YUM.

 Double scoop Moose Track ice cream with ingredients all from Indiana.
Price: $3

With our group of nine, we also had curly taters, fresh squeeze lemonade, fried vegetables, strawberry shortcake, cheese, snow cones, and kettle corn popcorn. I was surprised nobody bought deep-fried candy this time. We definitely consumed a lot of calories and I'm hoping walking all day helped burn at least half of those!

And now, I leave you with my little cowboy:
Eight Months