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Amazon: 50% off of diapers with free S&H

Amazon currently has a great deal on diapers. You will save between 15-50% off depends on if you choose to do just one or all of the following:
  • Sign up to be an Amazon Mom for free and you will 15% off of baby products. You are just simply telling Amazon that you are a caregiver (mom, dad, grandparent, etc.). See more info here.
  • Sign up on Amazon's Subscribe & Save for free to receive an additional 15% off and free shipping and handling. Amazon will ship your items every one, two, three, or six months and they will only bill you for each item once it is shipped. The good thing about this is you can cancel anytime. If you want, you can cancel as soon as your first item is shipped!
  • Parents magazine has a 20% off diapers coupon for Amazon inside their November issue. We don't get this magazine but there are plenty of these codes on Ebay and that's where I purchased mine. I chose to forgo the bidding option and picked a reliable seller with a Buy-it-now option. I paid $2.81.

So here's the math if you choose to do all of the above when buying an economy pack (204 diapers) of Pampers Baby Dry in Size 3:
  • List Price: $48.99; Amazon's Price: $37.98
    • -$5.69 (Amazon Mom 15% off)
    • -$5.69 (Subscribe & Save 15% off)
    • -$7.60 (Parents Magazine coupon for 20% off)
      • = $18.99 with free shipping! (with the added $2.81, it is still only $21.80 for 10 cents/diaper!)

What a great deal!


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