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No one in our family used pacifiers as a baby so when my little boy needed one, I didn't know what to do. I'm not saying using a pacifier is wrong and believe when I say that because I did so much research about it after realizing there's no way I could survive breastfeeding and those first few months of Nathaniel's life if I don't finally give in to using one. I was just worried my little one will be too attached to it and for way past over infancy.

I already had a plan about how to help Nathaniel stop using his pacifier when the time comes. I read on BabyCenter about several "going away" binkie parties. My favorite is tying the pacifiers to a balloon and telling our child that these are now for the other children to use.

Thankfully, Nathaniel started refusing the pacifier by himself at seven months old. We went to Indiana for 2 weeks to visit family and friends and I'm guess the change in scenery and routine helped him forget about this little habit.

Last week, Nathaniel found his oldest pacifier (before we changed to Nuk) and started playing with it. I was worried he will start using the pacifier again but he is content with just playing with it like his other toys.

Did your child use a pacifier? When did he/she stop using it? What did you do to help him/her?