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Say Goodbye to the...

Last night, we bid goodbye to a fellow Marine Corps family and Church of Christ members. Tim and my husband Dean actually go as far as starting and graduating bootcamp together earlier last year. And because Tim's language is much shorter compare to my husband's, they are now off to their next duty station.

Nancy is a very good woman. She took care of our dog when
we went home to Indiana and baby-sat Nathaniel when
I (rarely) worked and usually with a very last minute notice.

Saying goodbye to their dog Muffin.
Long time ago, I couldn't remember Muffin's name but knew that it was food related.
So I asked Dean: "Is their dog's name... Biscuit?"

I'm extremely sad to see such a great couple leave and it makes me wonder
how many "Say Goodbye" entries I'll be writing throughout
the course of our career with the Marine Corps.

Be safe and maybe we'll see each other again here in three and a half years :)