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These are for our family and friends who refuse to get a Facebook account :P

"Vamonos!" 9.10.10
Nathaniel loves Dora the Explorer. We can't stand her loud voice (borderline of yelling) and it just so happens to be the only show Nathaniel would watch. Go figure!

"Here Kitty, Kitty!" 9.12.10
This reminds me of the kittens from the Human Society with the way he's reaching through his crib. (And sorry about the sound not coinciding with the video. I've tried to fix it so many times and still, no luck.)

"How to Torture a Baby Part 2" 9.26.10
Nathaniel getting tickled by Daddy

"Look at what I can do!" 9.29.10
Nathaniel figured out a way to use his Bumbo and still be mobile.

"Naptime is for losers, Mama!" 9.30.10
Nathaniel refusing to take a nap. And I must have looked funny that day because all I had to do was look at him and he would burst out laughing.

"Massive Destruction" 10.03.10
Nathaniel playing with his blocks.

"Cantaloupe" 10.09.10
Eating cantaloupe for breakfast. I don't recommend feeding your babies like this unless you know how to perform infant CPR!

"Aaaaaahhhhhh!!!" 10.10.10
Screaming with/at (?) Daddy.