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235th USMC Ball

It has been a great four-day weekend with the family. The Marine Corps ball was last Wednesday and we took advantage of the free meal for veterans on Thursday with a couple of other service members. We started and finished the last season of House (it has been in our DVR for over a year!) and we even went to see Megamind in theaters. I am very sad to see this mini-vacation end but we only have this full week before we have another 96 because of Thanksgiving. Yay!

Anyway, here are few pictures from the Ball...

The Devil Dog in his sexy dress blues and his adorable Devil Pup

There wasn't a sitting arrangement this year so we chose a table where we could actually see what's happening!

We left shortly after dinner and saying hi to everybody.
Nathaniel stayed at home with two lovely female Airmen and they all seem to have had a good time.