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Christmas Cards & A Special Shutterfly Offer!

Christmas is still (or is it only?) seven weeks away with Thanksgiving smack right in the middle but I am already thinking about our Christmas cards for this year. This will be our third year and I am very excited about picking one this year because I can take my time to select and design a family Christmas card. Unlike last year, I was too busy being nine months pregnant, then taking care of a newborn and learning how to be a new mother to really enjoy Christmas. What a shame really since it's my favorite holiday!

This year, we will be purchasing our cards from Shutterfly. I have purchased several products from their site before (photobooks, cards, prints, etc.) and have been pleased every time with the quality of their product. I love that they guarantee that if you are not happy with your order, they will either replace it or give you a full refund---but this is an option that I still have yet to take advantage of. They offer many different kinds of holiday or Christmas cards and ones that can be personalized with your own photos this year and it is so difficult to choose our favorite. For now, we have narrowed it down to three:

Full of Love
Simply yet very elegant. I love the light opacity of the "banner" in front of the picture.

Who doesn't love snow especially on Christmas?

French Vintage
This card does not look very festive but I love the old-fashion feel of it!

I have been offered 50 free cards for this post but every statement is from me and it's honest. Find out how you can get your own free personalized holiday cards here.