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Christmas Card Pictures Teaser

Last Saturday, our friend Candice took a few pictures of us to use for our Christmas cards this year. It was cloudy and it rained towards the end but the overcast sky actually helped and gave us just the right amount of lighting needed to capture great photos.

Well, Hubby doesn't want me to share to anybody our family pictures before sending the Christmas cards so I'm showing these "behind the scene" pictures instead.

Nathaniel loves this quacking duck.
We went to Lover's Point.  

Looking for a good spot

A few test shots...

They were just watching us!

My earthly treasures
God has blessed me beyond what I deserve.

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  1. Pretty spot.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diana.

  2. I love your photos. The baby was really sweet. Happy Blue Monday.

  3. Your son is adorable! I love that first shot.
    Thanks for stopping by my Blog as well!

  4. You're an awesome photographer! Love all these photos, and your son is just too cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Keep up the good work! :)

  5. Hey! just wanted you to know that you are the winner for the giveaway on my blog for the $20 gift card to Target!! Congrats :)
    If you could email me with your mailing address I'll get that in the mail to you today

  6. Thanks for linking in our Around the world Tuesday. How sweet of you!

    Boys are so funny : ) Keeping your card top secret. Cute.

  7. Beautiful shots. Any of them are Christmas card worthy.

  8. If these are your behind the scenes shots, I can't wait to see the "real" thing! Just gorgeous!


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