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Christmas Festivities

I better post these now before it becomes so last year. Hahaha! I crack myself up sometimes :)

12.12.10 Christmas Party at Hubby's work
Nathaniel's first encounter with Santa Claus. He refused to smile but I guess at least he didn't cry!

"Hi, Daddy!"

Christmas Eve
We spend Christmas Eve at my Mom's and usually wait to open the gifts until after midnight. But since we now have little children, we opened the gifts after dinner and a quick game of Apples to Apples. By ten-thirty in the evening, the boys have had enough excitement and were ready for bed.

I look at these pictures and could easily tell how miserable Nathaniel must have felt because of his four molars and stuffy nose. Poor thing :(

 My adorable nephew

Only five months apart... Can I say, future partners-in-crime? :)


Christmas Day
We spent Christmas Day with my husband's family.

Opening his birthday present from Auntie Kari
since she was not able to make it to his birthday party

I hope you had a great Christmas, too!