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Ice Cream

Exactly a year ago, my husband and I went on our last date before officially becoming parents. We knew we were going to have the baby the next day because I was scheduled for an induction at seven in the morning so we took the opportunity to go out the night before. Nothing fancy, just a quick trip to the ice cream parlor.

This year, we decided to do the same thing and this time with Nathaniel outside my body. I would really like to keep this going and make it a family tradition.
We bought Nathaniel his own little baby scoop since it is his birthday.
Honestly, I was just happy that he ate because he hasn't had any
appetite at all for the last two days :( I really hope he starts
feeling better really soon.

People watching...

And then he decided to show some of his tricks...

I just love my son's personality. He is one of the silliest babies I have ever seen :)

Playing with the baby wipe I used to clean his face and hands

Advance happy first birthday, my sweet baby boy.

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  1. Yummy! Looks like a great time. Cute photos. I found you through Carlotta's blog and I am your newest follower. Can't wait to read more.

  2. That ice cream looks amazing! I could go for some of that Jamoca Almond Fudge right now...mmm.

  3. Aw. This is SO adorable!! It reminds me of the photos I have from when we took our oldest out for her first icecream... this is just so precious.

  4. so fun! cute captures of your almost birthday boy! enjoy his special day!

    in His amazing grace,

  5. Happy birthday! That ice cream looks yummmyyyyy. Hope he feels better soon!

  6. Love these pictures. Happy birthday!! I hear ya..when they aren't feeling good you just want them to eat something. At least icecream has calcium! he he

  7. Gorgeous shots! Happy Birthday! That ice cream looks yummy.

    Erika B


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