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It is so evident how Nathaniel's little brain is like a big sponge right now. He mimics everything from sounds to actions and it takes very little effort to learn a new concept or to associate things/events together.

My mom showed Nathaniel how to answer the phone only once and he instantly got it. Last Sunday, Nathaniel said our dog's name after I asked him where she is ("Where's your puppy?" "Ra-ley"). I wouldn't have believed it but my mother was there too and we were able to have Nathaniel say it again. That same day, Nathaniel also said my cat's name, whom he rarely sees because Pepper lives with my mom here in Indiana. Nathaniel saw the cat and said "Pe-ppa."

Mimicking Daddy's (fake) laugh

Nathaniel can also tell the difference if you're holding food or something to drink versus non-edible items. If you are eating/drinking something he can't have, you're better off if you hide. Or else, you will have a baby following you who will eventually cry if you don't share.

"Dont worry that children never
listen to you; Worry that they are
always watching you."
-Robert Fulghum


  1. Hahaha yes, it's fun when they start to get like this, but the food part isn't!

  2. Fun phase now! And yes, really have to be careful with what you do or don't do. You may think he's not watching, but he is observing everything!

    As for our boy, if we don't want him to taste our drinks (soft drinks for instance) we will actually do 'ssssttt.... spicy! You can't have it yet ok?' Works so far.. :P

  3. CUTE!
    Nathaniel is Adorable!
    I'm a new follower.
    Amy's Life @

  4. Hi! I'm following you back.I'm so happy to know you. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Your baby is so cute! Nothing compares to motherhood joys. I also like the quotation you have there. So true.


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