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Cousins: Sleepover

Nathaniel and his cousin had two consecutive sleepovers during our stay in Indiana. The boys stayed up way past their bedtime, played until they were exhausted, and were not corrected as much when they misbehaved because after all, they were at Lola's (grandma in Filipino) house---and whatever happens at Lola's house, stays at Lola's house.

Growling together because apparently it's fun and very amusing

Then they started to torture bother Spencer (my mom's dog)

and jumping on the bed. Technically just Daniel because Nathaniel can't jump just yet but he thought it was hilarious.

Then they tried to climb the headboard

Do I even want to think about the troubles these two are going to cause/get in to when they are older?

Sweet Shot Day


  1. how fun and precious is that!!!?

    love it!

    thanks for making me smile :-)


  2. A-DORABLE!!!!!!! I wanna have more babies!

  3. Oh I know about Lolas and their 'lovable' ways! ;-)

  4. Oh wow! Totally cute! And I agree on the rules which seems pretty useless when our kid is with their grandparents... My MIL regularly tells me how to discipline Ben and all, and yet, she pampers him like mad. Good cop, bad cop I think... :|

  5. Oh my goodness, they are too cute! Cousins are the best!

  6. How cute are they?! Good luck with your 365!


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