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Fade-In Hair Cut: Fail

As a Marine, my husband is required to always have a clean cut and shaved face. This means a haircut every week and here in Monterey, that equals to almost one thousand dollars a year. In an effort to save money, we have talked about cutting his hair myself. Well, my mom gave us a Wahl haircut set for Christmas so last night, I cut Dean's hair.

I didn't think I did a bad job but I could tell where there were patches of "holes." In my defense, it is my first haircutting experience ever; we waited until dark to cut his hair so we had very poor lighting; and fade-in haircut is one fo the most difficult cuts out there---even some professionals have a hard time doing it! Well, I must have done such a horrible job because he ended making me shave his head.

He's going to kill me for posting this! (see: unshaved face)

He is also growing out his mustache... He said he will shave it once he completes his first full marathon in April or when he gets promoted to Corporal, whichever comes first. Oh boy.


  1. That's funny cause Tim wants to save money by me learning to cut his hair.

  2. That's awesome! I've never thought about how much we spend on haircuts...DH just goes to the barber on base every two weeks to get it done. I don't think the shaved head looks bad...and you just need some more practice!

  3. Oh don't be hard on yourself, after all it's your 1st time cutting. You did a better job than me anyway... I can only experiment on Benjamin for now heheheh...

    Btw, love your blog header picture! Real nice!

  4. ahaha:) we bought one too a couple years ago to save money! it works great except he calls me in to do the touch time i cut his sideburns too high...i got hell forever for it! haha:)


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