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Happy 2011!

The year 2010 brought many changes in our lives and I suspect 2011 will do just about the same, if not more.

At the Indianapolis International Airport at around six o'clock in the morning
Hubby goes back to work on Monday but the little one and I are staying in Indiana for another week

Returning a birthday gift that he already received for Christmas
from Mommy and Daddy

(My digital SLR is acting up so I've been taking pictures with my crappy camera phone. However, I think that even if the quality isn't the greatest, camera phone pictures are sometimes the best photos because they are usually candid and captures the real essence of the moment.)





  1. Cute hat. The head tilt facial expression is priceless.

  2. Happy 2011.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diana.

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  5. I loved Nathaniel's expression! Very nice pic!

  6. I love his hat! I never have the nerve to wear hats like that one!


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