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Indianapolis Children's Museum

During our trip to Indiana, Nathaniel and I went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with his Uncle Robbie (my husband's older brother). It was free admission night but wasn't busy at all because school is already back in session.

Nathaniel's favorite part of the museum was the Playscape, which caters to his age group. He loved playing in the water...

 ...and at the little playground corner. If it was up to him, we probably would have stayed there the entire time.

My brother-in-law kept insisting Nathaniel and I should do the huge slide (from second to first floor) but I was scared of doing it with the baby. I'm afraid we'll tumble and break our necks. No, not really that extreme. Then again, I was a Neuro ICU nurse.

It wouldn't be the Indianapolis Children's Museum without the Indy 500 car!

Then we headed to the Dinosphere.

The "sky" actually changes color.

A paleontologist working on a fossil.

Nathaniel loved playing with the dinosaur toys but we had to distract him fast out of the area because he started eating them. Ewww!

His Opa's coworkers call him (David) "Louie" because of our last name so I thought this was funny :)

And then we checked out the trains.

Following the train...

And the last thing we went to was the Fireworks of Glass.

The "ceiling"


Through the ceiling...

View from above:

A 43-foot tall tower of glass

We didn't see everything because Nathaniel is still too little to appreciate everything anyway. Besides, Indianapolis Children's Museum is the largest children's museum in the world and the best too! We'll definitely go every time we visit family and friends in Indiana.

What a fun day with Uncle Robbie!


  1. I love the picture looking up through the glass. All the colors and shapes make for a very beautiful photo

  2. I love these! Great shots. We've been wanting to take Cady to the free night at our children's museum, but I was worried about the crowd. Maybe now that school is back in session like you said...

  3. Wow! That looks so fun! If it was me, I wouldn't want to leave too! :P

  4. I love chihuly. Looks like a wonderful time

  5. lovely shots! I'm a chihuly fan too...

  6. I LOVE the glass! And the sky ones in the dinosaur part!


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