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Jet Lag

Nathaniel is still trying to adjust to the three hour time difference from our three-week vacation in Indiana. He has been waking up anytime between five to six in the morning. Nathaniel also has a runny nose so that could also be the reason for our messed up routine. But it took him two weeks to adjust in Indiana (again, he was sick, teething, and learning how to walk. So. many. factors!) and I'm hoping it doesn't take that long to get back to our "real" schedule.

These were taken yesterday at five in the morning (eight o'clock in Indiana). I just rinsed and refilled our dog's water bowl so I figured it was alright for Nathaniel to play with the water.

I used that opportunity to unpack a few things from our suitcase and then thirty minutes later...

...Nathaniel completely emptied the water bowl by splashing it everywhere.

One soaked satisfied baby. Close to halfway unpacked suitcase. More work for Mama.


  1. Hahaha. Awesome. Cady did the same thing a little while back. If it makes you feel better, water play is supposed to be very good for their development :)

  2. what a cutie! Jet lagged and all :)

    <3, New Follower


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