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Keeping up with Daniel

Nathaniel took twelve steps on his own yesterday! He would have probably walked further but he already reached me. He has been constantly trying to stand up on his own and attempts to sneak in a few steps as well.

 I'm sure spending the entire day with his five-months older and already running walking cousin helped a lot with achieving this developmental skill. Nathaniel follows Daniel everywhere and wants to do everything his Kuya does.

It was pretty interesting watching two toddlers by myself. But I was able to feed them breakfast, put down for their first nap, and keep them entertainment. But my best girlfriend (and college-friend, Maid of Honor, fellow nurse and former coworker) rescued me arrived around lunch time to spend time with us and help me watch the little ones.

But it wasn't always pretty! After all, they are only one-year old kiddos and still cannot fully understand the concept of sharing.

But the two really are great friends and gets along very well. They actually have their first sleepover today! My sister and her family were already here for dinner and instead of going home, we decided that Daniel should just spent the night with us since we were going to pick him up the next day anyway.

This is one of the few times I wish we weren't in the military so we wouldn't have to live far from our family. But c'est la vie.



  1. I read in an article somewhere that kids won't understand the concept of sharing until they are like 3 or something

    So, I don't put that much pressure on our boy and ourselves if we see kids fighting for a toy, what we do is just gently break up the toy grasping and 'fighting' and get a substitute toy or divert their attention.

    I've seen parents at Sunday church service trying without success to talk sense and telling their children to share toys only to find their children walking away with the toy, leaving the other kd crying worse than ever and the parents just shrug and walk off... :(

  2. My husband is the youngest of four and didn't fully get the concept of sharing until I showed up as his wife to teach him!!

    Seriously, I love the photos of the boys playing together and sharing is such a hard concept to learn.

  3. Looks like fun. Yay for walking progress. I've also heard that they don't really learn sharing (because they have no empathy supposedly) until they are about 3. Cady doesn't share either.

  4. What darlings! They are so adorable. I am a new follower from FTLOB :) Hope you'll come visit me.


  5. I understand not living near family. My husband isn't in the military, but we can't live close to family because there aren't jobs. Anyway, I know what it's like not to have family around when you really would love help! Your kids are adorable! I'm now following from Hope you'll come by and check it out! Have a good one. BJ

  6. I totally understand not living close to family! Even when my boys were younger we lived over an hour away from family, so it was not easy to have someone pop over & watch them, say to take a shower! now they both live in different states & I am so hating being away from them. guess it is part of life, but us moms don't have to like it. ~hugs! Faythe
    thanks for stopping the other day, I love making new blog friends :)


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