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Nathaniel had his first taste of lollipop this past New Year's Eve. We were playing Clue at my in-laws when he saw the candy. We figured since it was a special occasion and we are on vacation, it was alright to have a candy just this once. We rinsed his mouth afterward to get rid of the sugar that might be clinging to his ten teeth (Yes, two of the molars are finally out!)

"Before I got married, I had six theories 
about bringing up children. Now, I have six 
children and no theories."
-John Wilmot


  1. ahhhhh....what an adorable little one! i remember giving my baby one sucker...nummy...then she never had one again:) i totally relate to the no's so bad for their little teeth...but at least he got to experience it! great shots btw:) and thanks for linking up today...feel free to all week! enjoy the eve

  2. Wow he already has a lot of teeth! Cady only had two at her first birthday. Looks like he enjoyed the candy!

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  4. Oh those sticky moments are so priceless! You can look forward to a few years of sticky colorful messes when it comes to candy. My daughter is 5 and she still has the talent of making most of her face sticky and the color of the sucker she's eating! Baby wipes didn't become your friend for no good reason!
    {tara}@ undeservingrace

  5. I'm stopping by from For The Love of Blogs!
    I LOVE Clue, I haven't played it in forever.
    P.S. Your little one is adorable!


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