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Project 365: Week 1 & 2

Week 1: January 1st to January 7th

1  Homemade Hawaiian Pizza; Dough recipe found here.

2  Nathaniel napping (taken using my phone camera). He might already be a toddler but he still has adorable, chubby baby fingers :)

Standing up on his own!

4  Nathaniel and my mom's dog Spencer

5  Nathaniel and his cousin Daniel making a mess by emptying the drawer

6  A trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum with my brother-in-law

7  On the way to brunch with a high school friend

Week 2: January 8th to January 14th

Cousins; the morning we left Indiana to go back to California

2  My first haircutting experience. I tried to give my husband a fade-in haircut and it was a major fail. He ended making me shave his (sexy) hair instead :(

3 Homemade Zuppa Toscana for dinner

4  He looks adorable but he's actually screaming at me because I tapped him (while playing) so he would look at the camera.

5  My cranky, snotty baby :( After two days of runny nose and bad cough, I finally took him to see his pediatrician. Nathaniel has his first ever ear infection.

6  My husband came home from work and this was all he would talk about. We finally went to the grocery store (30 minutes before Nathaniel's bedtime!) to satisfy his craving.

7  Nathaniel's antibiotics. What a necessary evil... I know it's making his ear infection better but I hate it. Nathaniel has a very (and I mean VERY) sensitive skin and after only a day of taking this and despite my effort to prevent the nasty "side effect" of diarrhea by giving him plenty of yogurt, Nathaniel now has a really, REALLY bad diaper rash. We just got rid of this just a few weeks ago and we are now back to painful, raw, bleeding :( behind...


  1. I love seeing pictures of children sleeping! So cute and angelic looking! (until they wake up that is... :P)

  2. Great photos. Thanks so much for linking up. :D I really love your #3 picture of week 2. Have a great weekend.

  3. I LOVE zuppa toscana!!! I always order it at Olive Garden :) Great shots!!

  4. Hi Diana thanks so much for stopping by and for linking up for Project 365. I LOVED your pictures and cant wait to see more. Have a blessed Saturday!! ~in his love, Sonya

  5. Really great collages! Your little guy is so cute! I especially love the one where he and the dog are looking at each other.

  6. Great pictures. Poor baby, those butt rashes are not fun, for baby or mommy.

  7. These are so nice!! Love your week 1 day 4 and week 2 day 3

  8. Thanks so much for visiting my little blog! My fav is week 2 day 4! He is sooooo cute! :-)

  9. okay I love day 4 and 6! okay maybe 6 and 4! well both are great!

  10. Fantastic shots! That pizza has really made me hungry!

  11. I love that you put it together in a collage. And the puppy shot is too cute!


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