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We went through the entire first year with no fever, cold, flu, or ear infection. And now, we cannot seem to catch a break. Nathaniel woke up yesterday covered in rash. I gave him Benadryl and although it helped a little, it never completely got rid of the red bumps. By later in the afternoon, the rash has spread from his belly to his entire body. It doesn't seem to bother him (except maybe he's crankier than usual) but I went ahead and took him to see his pediatrician in case it is something more serious.

His pediatrician thinks Nathaniel has one of the two things: Roseola virus, which is quite common to young children; or it's an allergic reaction to Amoxicillin, which he was taking for his ear infection.

I sent this picture to my sister (pediatric neurologist) and she said the same thing.

Just to be on the safe side, his pediatrician recommended we stop the antibiotics now instead of doing the entire ten-day treatment. His ear has already cleared up anyway so hopefully the infection is completely gone, too.

When he is healthy, Nathaniel is going to be referred to an Allergist to rule out whether this rash is really from taking the antibiotics. I'm glad our pediatrician didn't automatically put down penicillin-type antibiotics as an allergy because that will eliminate so many medication for him in the future.

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  1. Looks like Ben when he had his Roseola thing long ago. The weird thing is this rash is not itchy, Ben is active and alert like normal and don't seem to be bothered with it. We Googled the Internet and found the symptoms similar to Roseola and it was gone in a day or two.

    It's good that you checked with your paed as well just to be safe. Hope his rash clears up by now! Take care friend!

  2. Poor guy - still cute as ever!

    There are some wonderful natural remedies to use when he has an earache so you don't have to keep trying antibiotics. None of them have side-effects to worry about either. :-)

    Praying he is all better fast!

  3. Aww. Good luck. He is still a doll!

  4. My son recently had roseola and it looked just like that. He also had a fever of almost 107, too! I hope that is what your little guy has, too, and isn't allergic to penicillin. My daughter recently had a life-threatening reaction to a cashew so we are dealing with the allergy thing too. It is always something around my house. ;-)

    Nathaniel is absolutely adorable - rash or not. Thanks for linking up with me today. Happy WW!

  5. Aw, poor kiddo. I hope things turn around for him soon and you guys are able to get some definitive answers.

  6. Poor baby! Sending healing thoughts.


  7. he is adorable!!! i had a similar reaction to amoxcillian too...but i'm almost 20 years older =P Hope he gets better soon!


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