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The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today (January 25, 2011)

Outside my window... Still dark, slightly cool 54 degrees morning

I am thinking... how Nathaniel is really a toddler now and not a baby anymore: walking, talking, testing this boundaries/authority (aka terrible ones twos), etc. 

I am thankful for... peaceful and quiet times like this.

From the kitchen... leftover rice from dinner last night.

I am wearing... tank top, cardigan, pajamas

I am going... to go grocery shopping this afternoon. We are out of food!

I am reading... leisure: none; Daily Devotional Bible---currently still in 2 Samuel and John

I am hoping... to be a better wife and mommy today. (Don't we always?) 

I am hearing... nothing :)

Around the house In our bedroom... two baskets of clean laundry that needs folding and putting up. Blah!

One of my favorite things... daily after-dinner dessert with my family; usually ice cream :)

Inspired by the church song... Hold to God's Unchanging Hand

"Trust in Him who will not leave you,
Whatsoever years many bring;
If by earthly friends forsaken,
Still more closely to Him cling.

Hold (Hold to His hand) to God's unchanging hand!
(You gotta) Hold (Hold to His hand) to God's unchanging hand!
Build your hopes on things eternal,
(You gotta) Hold to God's unchanging hand."

A few plans for the rest of the week...

  • Potluck at Church this Sunday. Dean wants me to make Puto---and he said I'm not allowed to make them again anytime soon. Hahaha!

Here is a picture I am sharing... a wedding revisited; June 2009. Hubby was in bootcamp so to keep my mind off of him being gone and during our first pregnancy(!), I went up to Wisconsin with a high school friend (who was in the bridal party) to attend a wedding, of which I've only met the groom once back in 2006. The bride was very, very nice and she even let me tag along to everything. At the time, I just learned how to shoot in manual mode a few months ago so I really had a great time taking their picture. The bride emailed me this week and wanted a copy of the pictures so I figured why not re-edit a few?

Increased brightness, decreased saturation, and added a yellow tint using Photoshop CS5.

Fixed the exposure, increased contrast, then cropped using Lightroom 3.



  1. Your re-edits look great! Thanks for sharing what you did. I'm a new follower...hope you can visit at

  2. beautiful pictures! I like them! a new follower, btw!=)

  3. Nice edits. I love the bride with all that light around her.


  4. How I wish I can do that. That's something I need to learn.

  5. How I wish I can do that. That's something I need to learn.

  6. Love the photo of the bride. Your edit looks great.

  7. Love your blog :)
    Have you studied photography somewhere? Or have you taught yourself? I would love to learn!

  8. I love these shots, the edits are AH-MAZING!!! New follower, love your blog =) xx

  9. Great edits, I love looking at photos of weddings. There is always so much joy.


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