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Where's Waldo?

I have a problem.

It's a rather BIG problem.

You see... I can't find Nathaniel.

Last time I saw him, he was playing in the living room.

If he doesn't show up anytime soon, I might have to call the police.

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  1. Hello, found you over at Supermom’s Friend Finding Fridays!
    I like your blog and I am going to follow you! hope you like my blog as much as I like yours!

  2. I often find myself looking for my little one like this too! HAHA! He can have a mess the size of Texas in a matter of minutes and I'm like...?????!!!!!!!!!!! So I can relate! Nice photos you got here!

  3. LOL!! Just wait until he's older. It only get's worse. :)

    Thanks so much for linking up - these photos are great.


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