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Go Bananas!

Nathaniel loves fruit and vegetables and his current favorite is bananas. He used to eat TWO for breakfast but we had to cut it down to one and preferably not everyday because his stools started to become too firm. He also recently wanted to eat it like adults do and although it's quite a mess, I love watching him be independent.

Yesterday during our quick trip to the Commissary, I had to hide the bananas we were purchasing because Nathaniel wanted one as soon as he saw the banana stand. (And since they are sold by pound, he cannot have one now or else it would be like stealing!) I find it hilarious that I'm hiding a fruit from my son, where normally it's the junk food we usually hide from the kids :)

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  1. So cute! Lovely set of pictures!

  2. yum bananas!

    adorable pictures :)
    love the layout too.

  3. great collage...these are all awesome!

  4. Oopsss... it happened to us once too... Ben just grabbed one of the bananas and started peeling and munching it. We didn't even realised it until we saw the remaining peels left in his hand...

  5. With my youngest we always had to get the bananas last and give him one the minute the cashier was done weighing them! He still loves his fruits and veg though and turns up his nose at candy. (wish the other four did!!)

  6. Hahah yes! We have to keep Cady from seeing the bananas at the store or she'll want one immediately if not sooner! Like you said, they're charged by weight, so taking one out of a bunch would be stealing!


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