Monday, February 28, 2011

I Heart Faces: Anything But a Face

I hope you are as lucky as I am in that you also have a real life hero.

A quick snapshot of my Marine husband wearing his Service Bravo uniform
before heading off to a commemorative dinner for Medal of Honor recipients


  1. Great shot! As a prior Corpsman I always respect our Marines! Semper Fi!

  2. perfect shot of his shiny shoes! And thank him for all he does for our country...and thank you for taking care of him!

  3. Love the shot. It brought back memories. My dad was military and always used to tell me (right before he handed me his shoe shine box to do his shoes) "you can tell a lot about a man by looking at his shoes". Looking at your picture made me think of that right away.

  4. My husband is in the Marine Corpsm 18 years and running. Thank you both for all of your sacrifices.

    Great capture!

  5. Great angle! Love the shined shoes. Thank him for his service to our country!


  6. i agree - great comp <3 very nice shot.

  7. Hehehe. I aaaaam! Great shot. I love the look of the shiny shoes, too.

  8. Great perspective and love the shine on the Corfams. Stopping by from iheartfaces to say hello and now following. Wonderful to meet another Marine Corps wife!!


Have a blessed day!

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