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Nursing Days are Over!

I'm not talking about my nursing days as a registered nurse---although those might be over, too; but that is a completely different post. I am talking about breastfeeding. It has been two weeks since our last nursing session.

Technically, it has been far longer than that since our true feeding. For weeks, Nathaniel began to loose interest and would only need to breastfeed for comfort, mostly during naptime/bedtime. Eventually, he stopped asking and I stopped offering.

As relieved as I am that my body is once again mine, I am still sad that it is over. I expected to continue nursing for at least a couple more months. I supposed I could have kept offering it but in the end, Nathaniel was just ready to wean himself.

Breastfeeding has both been a great and bad experience for us. I loved knowing that I provided the best and most nutritional food for my son during his first year of life. I loved our alone and bonding time that I normally would have shared if he was bottle-fed. But with that, I was also the main "feeder" and did not get a break especially since Nathaniel never learned to eat from a bottle. Then there was the initial latching issues, overproduction of milk (that could have fed twins or triplets!), and the dreaded mastitis. But overall, it has been a fulfilling experience and I consider it as one of (my hopefully many) great achievements as a mother.

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  1. First of all... You do have the cutest one year old ever! Secondly... I so get how you feel. I look forward to having my body (and bed back) but will miss that special time... oh my I am tearing up now.

    Found you on the breastfeeding blog hop link. :)

  2. Stopping through on the BF hop. (Now gfc follower)

    I'm not looking forward to it ending...although some days I wish I wasn't the only feeder either.

    Such a mixed bag!

    ~Darcy @ Tales From the Nursery ~

  3. My son turned one earlier this month and I know ending BF is in the near future. I nurse him twice a day and sometimes only once before bed. It makes me sad that its ending soon.
    Thanks for sharing. I am going to check out the BF blog hop for sure :)

  4. Congrats on making it so far! I think weaning is hard for everyone, and the comic you posted is so true!

    I'm a new follower - thanks for linking up to this week's BFing Blog Hop.

  5. I am so afraid that my body is going to decide it's time to wean before Judah is ready. The kid loves to nurse, I just can't keep up. Every day I worry this might be it! I knowI'll be sad no matter how it ends though. Thanks for joining the hop!

  6. thanks for linking up for this week's blog hop! :)

    p.s. i LOVE your photography!

  7. Hey Diana!

    Give yourself a pat on your back, you did a really good job! I've friends who never even considered giving breastfeeding a try.

    I'm also dreading the day especially now that I'm 2mths+ pregnant and I read in many articles that your breastmilk will change somewhere in your 2nd trimester and lots of children will wean at this point though some will just nurse on and didn't notice the changes.

    Anyway, back to you. Don't fret anymore about it. You really really have done a great job!


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