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Playground Part 2

Just a few more pictures from our adventure at the park last Monday.

I really like this picture a lot. He looks like he's contemplating the meaning of life :)

At first he couldn't stand these thingamajiggers, then all he wanted to do was play with them. Oh and eat it too of course.

No, thanks Buddy. You can keep it.

Nathaniel has so much personality; he literally makes me laugh out loud.

Then he wanted to sing me a b-e-a-uuuutiful song.

Then my husband met us at the park after he got off work and he just has to show Nathaniel which one of us is the cooler parent.

They went down this slide because Hubby knows I'm too afraid to do it with the baby toddler.

I really wanted a baby girl but pictures like this makes me very thankful we have a son. They just have so much fun together :)

And then they tried the bigger-kid swing together and Nathaniel obviously liked it a lot better :)

I say this over and over again: God has blessed me very well.

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  1. God sure has Blessed you Diana! Super awesome and beautiful pictures! I love your pictures always! Is Dean growing a stash? How handsome! My daddy has one and I love them I wish Eric would grow one. (I'm commenting from my phone so I don't know if it will say who the comment is from but its Samantha)

  2. @Mrs. Banegas Yes, Dean is growing his mustache and plans to shave it either when he gets promoted to Corporal or after he finishes his first full marathon in May---whichever comes first. To be honest, I really don't know how I feel about it :)

  3. Great photos as always. Tim is always the one who goes down the slides with Cady, too.

  4. What a wonderful time! I adore the 4th picture. It's so colorful and his eyes just POP! Lovely!

  5. Oh man, not fair! They get to do the cooler stuff!

  6. You are blessed! And daddy & son moments are always fun to watch!=)

  7. These are the sweetest photos!
    The font I used in my banner is called Susies hand, but I cant say where I got it?? Maybe Kevin and Amanda?? I will do some digging and let you know if I find the source! Thanks for stopping by my blog sweet girl! I love yours and am your newest follower!!

  8. Stopping by for the first time via TFLOB! You are blessed with such a beautiful family and wonderful talent as a photographer!! :)

  9. visting from the bloghop! adorable baby!! he's precious! I am your newest follower and I hope you can return the follow

  10. have such a beautiful little family!

    i'm here from FTLOB! now following you! happy to meet you and i'm looking forward to chatting more via through each other's blog posts!


  11. Oh you're right! And I LOVE the shots where he isn't looking at you...they're so real! I don't know what I was thinking - ugh! Always trying to make her look up. Thanks so much for sharing! You're already great at what I need to work on. Have a great one! :-)

  12. So cute- Love the last one- precious moments.

  13. Love all the shots.
    There is nothing like a daddy/son shot!! So special!
    Great photos!


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