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Nathaniel and I went to the park yesterday. Last time we went, Nathaniel wasn't walking yet so the swing was pretty much all we could do. I figured now that he is a complete walker, he will enjoy the playground a lot more.

To my surprise, Nathaniel now hates the swing.

He wanted off as soon as I placed him in the swing and there was no distracting him no matter what I did.

What happened to this little boy who absolutely loved it and couldn't get enough of it?

And yet he wasn't afraid of climbing the stairs...

...or the slide!

I'm really impressed how he got halfway UP the slide. Not bad for an almost fourteen-month old!

I love watching my son play. There's just so much joy, innocence, and carefree in it. I wish I am more like him in that department.

I also love when he looks at me like he's asking for approval or making sure I'm watching him or saying "Mom, look at me!"

Yes I'm watching, little Buckaroo.

He brings me so much happiness :)

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  1. Such sweet photos! What a great treasure.

  2. Beautiful shots as always. I love your photography.

  3. These shots are beautiful. We, too, love park days. It is so much fun when they are able to explore!

  4. I guess the swing is pretty much confining his movement which is why he doesn't seem to enjoy it now that he's walking. Let them explore all they want now, it's really fun to see them doing that! :D

    Btw, love your pictures as always!

  5. aww- he is on the move on his own now so maybe the swing isn't as fun for the time being! It's restrictive! :)

    Loved these photos! He looks like he was having so much fun!


  6. Great photos! made me laugh... it brought me back to the days of when Wyatt was like that. The first time we put him in the swing he did the same thing! hehe...

  7. Your little boy is sooo cute! I imagine that the swings don't give him control like his legs are!

  8. I really think your photo with the help on it is cute. And it looks like what he was thinking.

  9. what an excellent series of photos! he is just a charmer..following you now from supermom. If you'd like, i'm at:

  10. Love these pictures! Adorable!

  11. So cute. Doesn't it make you wanna be little again, too? Life was so easy then...

  12. You don't know how much I enjoy park pictures. The expressions are priceless here, and the bokeh is beautiful. I always love going to the playground with little kids/babies, because they're having fun! (Smiles always come along with fun :)

  13. OMGoodness I love the slide pictures!! Totally cute!!! ;-)


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