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Farmer's Market

I love going to our local Farmer's Market. I wish we are able to buy our produce there weekly (or at least attend every week) but sadly that is just not in the budget right now. Isn't it unfortunate that it actually cost more to eat healthy, fresher ingredients?

Maybe we could just have our own veggie garden someday. On our next permanent duty station, I vow to (at the minimum) plant cherry tomatoes, green onions, and herbs along with some flowers!

Here's Nathaniel enjoying a sample of fresh, locally grown tangerines.

Notice his lack of shoe; I thought his Dad put them on and vice versa. Oopps!

Our first official stop is usually at tea.zing to get some bubble tea. I believe my husband was first introduce with this yummy-goodness when we were in the Philippines in 2005. Ever since, we get bubble tea whenever we come across it.

Nathaniel sure is a fan of his Daddy's Strawberry-Mango bubble tea!

"You want some, Mommy?"
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And from this angle, the large cup looks almost a tall as his torso!

Along with fresh produce, there are also flowers...

One of my favorite flowers :)
(Linking up to: Aspire and Simplicity) music from local musicians...


...and food, specially international food! My husband had this Falafel sandwich and I had Shawarma Beef sandwich. The Falafel was amazing but I was pretty disappointed with mine :( It was not as good as Paprika's, which was actually located just two vendors away from where we bought this.

It was cloudy yesterday so although it made for perfect lighting for photography, we had to cut our trip short because it actually started drizzling. So we just brought our goodies home, along with some baklava, spiced almonds and "spiked" bread budding. I hope we can go back again several more times before our time here is over.

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