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Hubby's Birthday Cakes

I made two cakes for my husband's birthday this past weekend. I was originally going to make three but we were out of electricity last Sunday for three hours so I obviously couldn't bake. So now, I am going to take the third cake to his work's picnic on Friday instead.

Both of these cakes are from the book my sister gave me for my birthday last year: Gorgeous Cakes by Annie Bell. They both turned out deliciously great so I'm even more excited to try out the rest. (She has a whole chapter dedicated to chocolate cakes. Heaven!). I might even just take her basic cake recipe and never use box mix ever again!

Rich Lemon Curd Cake

My mouth is watering just looking at these photos and remembering what this cake tasted like! It was definitely rich and tart but the marcapone filling cuts the tartness and balances it with a little bit of sweetness.

8-inch lemon cake with lemon-curd mascarpone filling

We shared this with our Church because it so happens to be our monthly potluck, too. And I heard many good feed backs!

I really should invest on a kitchen scale because separating the batter by eyeballing it so they could bake separately obviously didn't work. But it turned out to be for the best because I used the rest of the batter to make a little cake that we devoured tried the night before.

Red Velvet Bonfire Cake

The cake wasn't as dramatically vibrant red as a regular red velvet cake because I ran out of red food coloring paste so it was really a dark rose bonfire cake :) I also couldn't find chocolate sticks so I had to use chocolate Twizzlers as logs instead. I also procrastinated at going to Michaels to buy sparklers (who knew they close at 7p on Sundays?!) so I bought this "mini-sparklers" at Target, which didn't really spark :(

Red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting
and chocolate Twizzlers as logs

But it was delicious (based on the trimmings) and I hope to make it again with the proper ingredients in the future.

Taken with my Hubby's 8-megapixel camera phone;
I'm pretty impressed with the quality!

So two cakes down, one more to go! I'm making his family secret-recipe cake because his birthday just wouldn't be complete with the Ooey-Gooey Deep South St. Louie butter cake :)

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  1. These look amazing!! Making me SO hungry!!!! xoxo

  2. Beautiful cakes you made there! Kudos to you for a good job done!

  3. Both such gorgeous cakes! I love lemon though. I may have to try that one.

  4. That lemon one... well, let's just say you gave me a fantastic idea on how to suprise my husband tomorrow! Thank you! They both look so yummy!!

    be blessed


  5. That lemon cake looks fantastic (I love lemon!) and the bonfire cake is a fun idea (come to think of it, I love red velvet cake too!)

  6. Amazing cakes! Never heard of that book but guess I need to buy it That bonfire cake is so creative!

  7. Those cakes are super fun and interesting!! I'm so impressed you made those! And still one more! Holy cow!! I was also stopping by to let you know we opened up the linky for the Quarterly Top 5 pictures! We can't wait to see yours!!


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