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Is that.... poop? Oh please tell me it's chocolate!

This set of photos reminds me of the scene in the movie Baby Mama where the main character's sister is asking one of her children if the "dirt" on his hand is chocolate... or poop. She ended up licking(!) the questionable brown goop to find out the answer. Of course she already knew beforehand but it still makes me squeal at the thought that it could have been poop! (See video here)

As parents, we have definitely had our own share of disgusting moments. We have been peep on, cleaned explosive poop, and removed dried up chunky vomit. I can only imagine the dirt, bugs, and animals Nathaniel will bring to me when he's older. And add the fact that I used to work as a registered nurse at a trauma intensive care unit and that just brings up another level to my list of disgusting moments.

But don't worry. This is chocolate from the homemade chocolate-covered pretzels I made last Thursday for St. Patrick's Day. We actually didn't let Nathaniel get so messy when it comes to eating until he was about a year old. Both Dean and I don't like a messy eater but it's time Nathaniel start exploring food and feed himself.

Taken with my iPhone. I love how it captured the pretzel perfectly.

We ended up just bathing Nathaniel to clean him up. We would have probably used a entire baby wipe packet if we had tried that way!

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  1. oh my - the hand in the hair has me cracking up!

  2. The iphone pic is hilarious..."Look mom! I got all the chocolate off the pretzel!" But I do love the chocolate covered hand in the hair. Yup, top to bottom bath for sure....there are not enough wipes! LOL

  3. So cute! Hahaha, I love that part of "Baby Mama."

  4. He's adorable! I remember when our kids first started "eating," we would just plunk them in the high chair with just their nappies on. Makes for easier cleaning (and a lot less stained clothing!) afterward. :)

  5. very cute! Unfortunately I have experience with the brown stuff actually being poop. Not fun! lol

  6. I swear I had to bathe my youngest two after each meal! I could have given them dry oats and they would've found out a way to make a giant mess of them.
    Years later though, the pictures of them covered in yogurt, spaghetti, etc. are my favourite pictures of them all!!

  7. Is it silly that I kind of miss those days with my son? He's 3 now and although he still gets pretty messy with anything chocolate related, it's nothing quite like the glorious mess little ones make :)

  8. Oh my goodness!! Great Captures!! I totally was thinking the same thing, especially from your post title!! I wonder if girls get as messy as boys at this age? Our 9 yr old is STILL messy at eating {or any other time outside!!}... and heaven forbid a napkin be used that is sitting right in front of him!! ;o) An inside investment tip: Shout or Spray n wash!! Theres always the need!

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