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Many Faces

Nathaniel loves sitting on his old bouncer and well, bounce. If you hear him laughing hysterically in the living room, you can almost bet he's on the bouncer playing.

So I placed the bouncer in front of our roof-to-floor window walls and captured numerous a few photos.

Turning around

Satisfied. Happy. Ready for a nap. Bored. Really bored.

 Bouncing. Clapping. Praying. Irritated. Itchy back.

Blabbing. Happy. Smirk. How he feels about runny noses. Silly.

"Does my chin look like Daddy's Buzz Lightyear chin?" Goofy. Really goofy. Still really goofy. "I love you!"

"Mama, enough pictures! You're a such a pain in my neck." Annoyed. Talking. Singing & Conducting. Yawning.

Cranky. Whatever. Gazing. "What is that?" "Oh it's a foot."

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