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Project 365: Week 11

Week 11: March 12th to March 18th

71  "Muffins that taste like Donut" from the Pioneer Woman website.

72  My husband's homework (in Arabic). It's upside down since he was still working on it when I took this photo.

73  LOVE his chubby "baby" feet :) Nathaniel playing with his Daddy's old phone. Read my blog post about a sneaky "leprechaun" stealing my hubby's new phone.

74  Farmer's Market

75  I didn't realize I have not taken a photo that day till dinner time so I quickly snapped a photo of my dessert that evening: SnoBalls :)

76  Green Sprite for St. Patrick's Day.

77  Nathaniel trying to put his socks back on during his 15-month old well baby visit.

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  1. Love your pic this week girl. My fav is the coconut ball, my FAV by the way! I totally love the feet and cell phone!! Have a blessed weekend!!

  2. Yay for snoballs! And for him putting his socks back on. Brendan is almost 14 months old...he is only interested in taking his shoes and socks OFF.

  3. Great photos. Yours always make me hungry. I was going to make those muffins Friday, but didn't get the chance. That snowball looks yummy too! Thanks for linking up. Have a great weekend.

  4. Wow! Arabic?!! I learned that when I was in kindergarten and barely recalls much now :P

    I love picture #77! Too cute! :D

  5. Love the farmer's market photo! Looks delicious!

  6. The Pioneer Woman is really just awesome!! I love her recipes. :) Great pictures this week! The one of N putting on his socks is so sweet! :)

    Thank you so much for linking up this week!! :)


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