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Thing 1 and Thing 2

To celebrate Dr. Seuss' 107th birthday, Nathaniel and I watched a new episode of our latest favorite show Cat in the Hat Knows a lot About That on PBS. We also read Oh, The Places You'll Go! and baked mini red velvet cupcakes and decorated them as Thing 1 and Thing 2!

I got this idea from GoodLife Eats but I opted to make them in mini version. After all, Thing 1 and Thing 2 are tiny! I also used cream cheese frosting instead of regular buttercream so they were a bit messy to make and had to be kept refrigerated. But I just can't make red velvet cupcakes without cream cheese frosting. It would be like eating a peanut butter sandwich without jelly!

Nathaniel ate TWO cupcakes before we even decorated them. I was also doing his laundry thus the reason why he's in a laundry basket. 

Eating cupcakes is hard work!

I cannot wait until Nathaniel actually helps me with baking and decorating. It will be messy but I'm sure we'll have a great time :)

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