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Top 5 of January to March

Here are my top five favorite photos of Nathaniel from January to March in no particular order:

He is such a silly boy. He wanted to eat the orange peels instead of the actual orange.

One of our favorite parts of the day: Hubby/Daddy coming home from work. Sometimes it makes me wish that I work so I can be greeted with hugs and kisses whenever I come home.

Nathaniel loves the outdoors and I wish I'm able to take him out more often. We just learned about a duck pond near us so I'm very excited to take him there. I'm sure he'll have a great time chasing the ducks.

Just like his Mama, Nathaniel loves chocolate!

Nathaniel wanted to go to work with his Daddy (Hubby is in the blurry background). He even brought his Daddy's lunch bag to take with him!

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