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Well Baby Visit (15 Months Old)

Nathaniel had his fifteen month old Well Baby Visit last Friday. He is developmentally on track but still skinny as can be. I think I just have to accept the fact that we have a small baby. Other than (what seems like a month old) runny nose, the little Buckaroo is healthy. (I did bring up my concern about the cold and his pediatrician reassured me that it is expected with babies this age. They are a lot more mobile, hence they are touching every thing and those dirty hands almost always end up in their mouths. I can only hope this is preparing his immune system for bigger things when he's older.)

Here are the stats! (Compare his last visit here)
Weight: 21 lbs 6.5 oz (10th percentile)
Height: 30 1/2 inches (25th percentile)
Head Circumference: 47 1/2 cm (60th percentile)

I was hoping to continue taking his photo with Big Ted but it is nearly impossible. (I mean, have you tried telling a fifteen month old boy to stay still so I could take a good picture? Hah! Good luck, my friend.) So I will go ahead and include his 15-month old post/update here.

Trying to put his socks back on;
It's amazing how he came to this assumption
since we never taught him this

Nathaniel's vocabulary consists of around ten words. He says hi and hello to any one new he comes across with and always says "bayh" (bye) when leaving. He loves to wave at people when we're grocery shopping and have this confuse face whenever they don't respond the greeting. He is appropriately using mama and dada and will use it to his advantage, too! My favorite would have to be "tank yu!" since I haven't even taught him the sign language and yet he is now saying and using it properly. He can also say hey, o-oh, puppy, "ba pa" (backpack from Dora the Explorer), "mm-kay" (okay), and "ah?" (his version of Hello? when answering the phone). He is perfectly content with signing "more," "drink" and "please" so he hasn't even bothered saying those words. I'm sure there are other words he can say that I just can't recollect at the moment.

Nathaniel loves going to church and he is a great singer and song leader! We have been blessed to have found such a great Christian family and with plenty of little children that Nathaniel can play with, too. He also loves to dance and he will move his little bottom to just about any beat. He can entertain himself (for hours sometimes) as long as a parent is in the same room.

Nathaniel is a pescetarian right now. He only eats veggies, fruit, pasta, dairy, eggs, nuts, grains, beans and fish.  He used to like chicken but he is refusing that now, too. The only meat he will ever consider eating is hotdog and it has to be the cheesy hotdog or he won't eat it, too.

Visiting Daddy at work after his Well Baby Visit
and yet he always end up hanging out with the girls :)

Naptime would have to be our biggest issue. He is a great bedtime sleeper (averaging 11 hours of sleep at night) but he is a terrible, TERRIBLE napper! For the past few weeks, Nathaniel refuses to nap by himself. I rock him till he is asleep and when I lay him in his crib, he only sleeps for thirty minutes! If he wakes up when I lay him down, he will cry for 15-30 minutes before falling asleep and again, he only sleep for just half an hour. I have tried a modified version of "cry it out" method but he still just sleeps for 30 minutes! What's worst is that he is more exhausted after his "nap" especially if I let him cry before picking him up. So what we have been doing is napping with him. If we do this, you can always guarantee 1.5 to 2 hours of nap and a very refreshed and happy toddler. It has been both good and bad because it forces me to rest, catch up on reading (thanks to my iPhone and BibleApp!), or spend time with Nathaniel that I normally wouldn't have had the chance. But that also means clean laundry remains unfolded and dinner served late usually three out of five working nights.

We have also began time-out and disciplining. I know many will find it horrifying that we spank our 15-month old but when Nathaniel reaches the nob of our stove or tries to open a heated oven, removing him from the situation and saying 'no' are just not enough. (Also see Proverbs 13:24). In addition to testing his boundaries and new found mobility,  Nathaniel is definitely a boy and loves to explore.

Yes, that is a rocking chair.

But all in all, Nathaniel is great toddler. He is very sweet, loves to give hugs, asks for kisses (especially before naptime and bedtime!), and a big time Daddy's boy.

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  1. I find it interesting that there are no comments today. That is rare.

  2. I agree with you. I am an old fashioned mother, and I used to spank (not beat!) my children. They're grown now, and I'm proud of how wonderful they've turned out. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy 1st Blue Monday, Diana.

  3. Glad he had a good check-up. We had a tiny baby until about 12 months. Then he finally reached an "average" size. Thanks for posting Proverbs 13:24. I struggle with this. I have a gate so he can't get into the kitchen but the little buzzard loves to unplug the TV!

  4. Ah your son is adorable! My son loves to climb and get into everything that he isnt supposed to. I have thought about starting timeouts and trying to be more assertive with him because nothing else is helping!

  5. Love that video of Nathaniel telling his great story! Ben and I were watching it and Ben actually offered Nathaniel a piece of his Cornflakes midway watching (I think he understood what Nathaniel tried to say)

    As for spanking, we do it but lightly and we tried to discipline on the spot so that he knows what he did wrong (always hard especially when his grandma is around, she tends to fend us off and pampers him)

    As for him being curious and mischievous in touching oven knobs and all, what we did is when we go out to eat at the restaurant and we had hot drinks, we'll get Ben to touch it and tell him it's hot and he somehow learned from there and every time he approaches something hot, I'll remind him it's hot! And he'll back off... ;)


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