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Asilomar Beach

We went to Asilomar Beach last Saturday and spent a few hours playing in the sand, walking by the beach and just enjoying the company of family and friends. It was foggy and a little bit chilly when we first got there but it eventually warmed up (enough for the white boys to get sunburned!) and made for a perfect day at the beach.

Who doesn't love chubby sandy little baby toes?

Nathaniel loved playing in the sand and it kept him busy for hours. He definitely made this $1 bucket and shovel set more than its worth!

He also had his own share of eating sand because he refused to be fed. He wanted to do it himself even though his hands were completely covered with sand.

He is definitely a very curious little boy so he also had a great time exploring.

My two earthly treasures

{to be continued}

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  1. What a darling Nathaniel is! Love your blues!

    Happy Blue Monday, Diana.

  2. Very handsome little man!

    Would you mind peeking at my blues? Thanks!

  3. Amazing pictures Diana! I a picture of Joe and Elias in that same pose. It just leaves you breathless!

  4. The chubby sand toes are darling!


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    Dash of gold,
    Make me mellow,
    Never old;
    Keep my humor
    In fine trim,
    Always laughing,
    Never grim.

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    Little Yellow Chicken Shack

  5. Love the pictures!

    We are planning a short family trip sometime next month to someplace sandy with beach and all as Ben had never been to one so far. Hope the trip can materialise!

  6. breathtaking views...i love all your photos her.esp. that little chubby toes peeping out the sand

    my blue

  7. Absolutely beautiful!
    Your newest followers!


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