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Easter Festivities

The Easter Bunny brought such a great Easter basket for Nathaniel this year! He received a talking Back Pack, Chuck the Dump Truck, Weeble Wobbles, egg-shaped chalks, Spiderman bowl, a book, and of course a chocolate bunny.

Nathaniel went straight for Back Pack, which is his favorite character from Dora the Explorer. It says several different things but he skips them purposely and stops when it starts to sing the Back Pack song.

I wasn't able to take any photos during the church service/potluck, which is unfornate because Nathaniel looked adorable in his Easter outfit and my husband wore his Service Alpha.

Later in the evening, we dyed eggs. We were supposed to do this Saturday night but we were just so exhausted from spending the day at the park with friends. Oh, and this is also my first time dyeing eggs :)

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While Dean was busy dyeing eggs (and me snapping photos)...

...all Nathaniel wanted to do is eat the eggs!

And when we were done, we had Nathaniel drink the vinegar-liquid dyes. Just kidding. He is drinking apple juice in this picture and wanted it in the same cup we were using to dye the eggs.

The dyed eggs this morning, which Nathaniel and I ate the orange one for breakfast :)

I hope you had a great Easter and let's not forget to celebrate the true meaning of Easter not just on Easter but everyday.

"Blessed be the God and Father
of our Lord Jesus Christ,
who according to His abundant mercy
has begotten us again to a living hope through the
resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead"
1 Peter 1:3

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  1. Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Diana.

  2. Love the last shot... so colorful! I was going to ask if your son was drinking the dye. Just kidding. LOL My kids loved watching Dora when they were little. Backpack was their favorite along with Boots. I bet your little one loved his gifts.

  3. Great shots! I don't know how you managed to not dye all of your hands different colors! ;)

  4. Happy Easter! I wish my kiddos wanted to eat the eggs. I think I threw out a 1/2 dozen eggs and I made egg salad from my husband and me.

  5. Great shots. Looks like success.

  6. Love the bright colors of the egg dye!

  7. Sounds like a great day! Love the picture of all the dyes! So artsy!

    Tamar - linking up with CG!

  8. Awwww, these are just precious. What a cute son you have♥

  9. Awesome. Ya know, I have never dyed eggs.


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